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Our Policies


Please remember that all jobs are estimated on an hourly basis, and that the quoted price is an estimate only. We base our estimates on years of experience in the field and on your job specifications. However, because every job is unique, your cleaning needs may not conform to averages. You, the customer always have control in either prioritizing the work to be done within the time limit, or if more time is needed for extra projects you may choose to pay more money, accordingly.


Parking, Unloading & Loading

Over the years parking on the Westside and other city areas has become increasingly difficult. As a result our polices towards parking are as follows.

Customer will be responsible for options for parking.Our company shall not be liable for any expenses paid or incurred for parking, unloading or loading in relation to work being performed for the customer, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Customer agrees to pay for all parking fees for the duration of time while work is being performed. If no parking is available, customer will advise our workers to the nearest location for parking. If the distance exceeds 50 yards from the location of work being performed, Customer will be billed from the time our worker(s) leaves their vehicle(s).Any parking fees will be added to the job payment.



We reserve time for your cleaning; therefore we require a 24-hour cancellation notice. If for any reason, you have to cancel or reschedule your cleaning appointment, please contact us immediately. We are very strict about our 24 hour cancellation policy, please honor it! Less than 24 hour cancellations will be charged a cancellation fee of $25.00 per worker.


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